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The person hiring the trailer is liable for damage to and loss of the trailer whilst on hire.

The person hiring the trailer agrees :

·          To return the trailer in the same condition as when hired.

·          To pay the full cost of any damage or loss.

·          To pay the replacement value as stated if the trailer is ‘written off’ or stolen.

Loss or repair costs less than £250, such as minor damage, floor scratches that reveal the plywood beneath the resin coating, damage to tyres, broken lights, breakaway cables, jockey wheels etc, will be deducted immediately from the deposit.

Loss or damage in excess of £250 (up to the value of the trailer stated on the Handover Report) will be due on the date of return. Thomas Trailer Hire has the right to charge a full day hire fee for each day until the date that full payment is received.

During the hire period the person hiring the trailer will be liable for any injuries caused to themselves, their agents, any third parties or to any animals transported arising out of the use of the trailer.

The person hiring the trailer shall completely indemnify Thomas Trailer Hire in respect of all claims by any person for injury to person or property caused by or in connection with, or arising out of the use of the trailer.

Thomas Trailer Hire cannot be held liable for any consequential losses arising out of the use of the trailer during the hire period.


To help limit our Customer's liability, Thomas Trailer Hire has purchased an insurance policy with its Insurer that provides comprehensive cover against accidental damage to, or theft of the trailer. This policy extends cover for our trailers during the hire period providing the Hirer strictly complies with all terms in this Hire Agreement.  Any damage or loss not covered by this insurance remains the liability of the person hiring the trailer.  Any deposit becomes the excess for any insurance claim and therefore is not refundable until all costs for damage or loss have been deducted.

The person hiring the trailer agrees :

·          To drive the tow vehicle in accordance with all legal requirements and tow vehicle limitations.

·          To operate and maintain the trailer in accordance with all legal requirements and the User Handbook & the SMMT guide ‘Towing and The Law’, both of which are provided in the customer pack.

·          To ensure loads are securely restrained, the trailer is correctly attached to the tow vehicle, and that the trailer is in a roadworthy and safe condition prior to each journey. 

·          Not to leave the UK mainland without the prior agreement of Thomas Trailer Hire and a trailer recovery service.

The person hiring the trailer agrees :

·          To keep the trailer in their possession and custody at all times. The trailer must not be sub-hired or loaned to any other party.

·          To ensure the trailer is always left locked onto the tow vehicle or, using the security chain supplied, is locked via the trailer chassis to a permanent object such as a tree or lamp post.

·          To fit the wheel clamp supplied whenever the trailer is left unattended.

.           To take all reasonable steps to prevent loss, damage or accidents and maintain the trailer in a sound and roadworthy condition.

·          To remove all contents and the remains of any loads from the trailer, prior to return. 

During a period of hire, normal levels of road dirt are expected.  However if the trailer is subject to unusual levels of dirt or where animals have been transported, the person hiring the trailer agrees to clean (and disinfect as required) the trailer prior to return. Cleaning charges will be at the discretion of Thomas Trailer Hire and will be deducted from the deposit when necessary.

The person hiring the trailer agrees to report any accidents or thefts to the police and to Thomas Trailer Hire within 8 hours of any incident..

The person hiring the trailer agrees to promptly inform Thomas Trailer Hire if the trailer cannot be returned by the agreed date and time.

Any extension to the hire period must be agreed with Thomas Trailer Hire, subject to other bookings, and paid for in advance. Such authorised extensions will be charged at the reduced additional day rate.

If the trailer is returned late without prior arrangement, additional days or part days will be charged at the full single day rate.

Thomas Trailer Hire will deduct from the deposit any charges for late return of the trailer.

Hire trailers can be collected / returned during our standard opening hours - Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 5.30pm or Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays between 8.00am and 9.30am or 3.30pm and 5.30pm. Trailers cannot be left when we are closed. 

Please Contact Us for any assistance