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At Thomas Trailer Hire we hire a broad range of Ifor Williams trailers  to businesses, councils, schools, colleges and individuals.  Located just outside Bromyard, our commercial and domestic customers come from across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire as well as the Midlands and Wales.

Car Transporter Range - small, medium and large models suitable for lightweight race cars, through family saloons up to a modern Range Rover

General Use Range -  flat bed, tilt bed, plant, tipping, cage and others suitable for engineering, agricultural, construction and general use purposes

Box Van Range - small, medium and large units all with van / ramp doors and ideal for holiday luggage, moving house, commercial tasks such as trade exhibitions and much more

Specialist Range - our livestock trailer is ideal for the smallholder with pigs, sheep or calves. Our trailed log splitter will turn any amount of logs into firewood ready for winter fuel


Our trailers are all manufactured by Ifor Williams, most being less than 24 months old. They are all professionally maintained and serviced by our Ifor Williams certified and trained staff

We have an experienced team to advise which trailer best meets your needs and demonstrate how to use the trailer confidently and safely 

Our simple booking process ensures a trailer is reserved for the dates you require, so you can be confident it will be ready when you arrive to collect it

All lights, brakes and tyres are checked and the trailer cleaned before every hire

Ratchet straps, wheel straps, shoring poles, bungees, security chain and wheel clamp are provided as required, at no additional charge

A delivery and collection sevice is available for an additional fee

To help limit your liability when hiring our trailers, we include insurance cover within our hire fees, should an unfortunate accident happen.  Subject to the terms within our Hire Agreement, should the trailer be damaged or stolen during the hire period, our Insurer will cover your loss up to the value of the trailer, excluding your deposit. 

Please Contact Us for full details.

Buying and owning a trailer can be expensive.  Depreciation and service of a new trailer will average around 12% of it's purchase price per year to maintain 

Ownership is often not practical for everyone, particularly if you don't have secure storage  

Finally, if you would not use it regularly or have continually changing needs, then hiring may be a better option

Please browse through the ranges of trailer models we have for hire and Contact Us to discuss your requirements or to make a booking

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